Monday, June 2, 2008

Splish, Splash!

We took Lauren and Carter to the Bryan Park Pool this past Friday. It was Lauren's first time in a swimming pool! She absolutely loves baths, so we figured she'd just be another water bug like Carter. Sure enough, she loved it! Matt took some pictures when we first got into the water -- you can see them here. (Don't look to closely at the unflattering images of myself!) The pics just show her getting acquainted with the water, the first couple of minutes. Then Matt and Carter took off to the big pool with the water slides. :) Lauren found a friend, or rather a little girl found her! She splashed around, crawled and walked in the water, squealed with glee, was intrigued by the waterfall, and had a blast! This will definitely be a favorite summertime activity.

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Anonymous said...

I think Thursday is supposed to be sunny if you want to go then!