Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adjusting to the Changes

We've been home from the hospital since Wednesday afternoon and everyone seems to be adjusting really well. Hayden, especially! He's nursing great, sleeping fairly well at night, and overall comfy in his new environment. I find it amazing how noises don't disturb him (and his hearing is just fine). I know they say that babies get used to sounds in the womb, but this is just astonishing! Lauren can scream loudly, the dog can bark, Carter can bang on toys -- Hayden doesn't even flinch! But trust me... if I talk he looks for me. When Matt talks while holding him, he turns his gaze to Matt's face. He hears just fine. :)

When we left the hospital, Hayden was 8 lbs 15 oz -- losing weight is normal, esp since my milk isn't in yet (it did come in the day we left the hospital). I took him to the doctor Saturday morning for the usual first checkup and he was already back up to 9 lbs 2 oz. The goal is for him to be at birth weight by the 2-week checkup -- I think he'll make it. Especially the way he eats! :)

I am finding it easy to transition from two to three kids. Of course, I've only been home alone with all three for a couple hours so far! But overall I'm less stressed about having a new baby and I think that comes with experience. Either that, or I just don't have the time to be! :P Lauren seems so big to me now. She's communicating so much better and sleeping in a toddler bed -- it just seems like she's so much older than 18 months! I just hope that having them close together won't make me lose those little "baby" moments with her. She has stepped into the role of big sister -- looking after baby, giving him plenty of pats and kisses, and watching him while he sleeps. And she loves being Mommy's little helper.

Carter has also stepped up his role as big brother. He's fascinated with Hayden and is always asking if he can hold him. He eagerly awaits for Hayden's eyes to be open so he can talk to him, and Hayden just watches Carter when he's around. Carter not only helps with the baby, but helps a lot more with Lauren -- especially when I'm nursing!

I've got a wonderful family and feel truly blessed. I'm looking forward to all the new moments that await us, and how our lives will change with each one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the World, My Baby!

Hayden Thomas Wolf arrived this morning at 10:30am. He weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He's got lots of dark hair and is such a blessing!

Labor was quick and without incident. I got to the hospital at 6:30am and got the paperwork filled out. Dr Stowell came in around 8am to do a check -- I was almost 5cm and he broke my water. He said he didn't know what was holding him in there! The contractions got stronger from there... I got up to walk and they got even stronger. I got back to my room and just sat and labored, no pitocin needed! In about an hour they were really strong and I thought, "Okay, maybe I can't do this." So I asked for an epidural, but then the next contraction I knew it was too late... They were hurrying to get the doctor in the room, making me breathe through them so I wouldn't push. He let me push as soon as he was ready, and Hayden was out in 3-4 contractions. Without an epidural, you have more incentive to push harder! :) All in all, 2.5 hours of labor and a healthy, beautiful boy!

We forgot the USB cable for the camera, so Matt will get some pics uploaded tonight. I'll post one here when I can. Need to get baby woken up to nurse... :)

Today's the Day...

I'm going to be leaving for the hospital in just a little bit. So exciting! I probably won't be able to post anything (unless Matt brings me his laptop in the hospital), so look for an update in a couple days when I'm home. Wish me luck! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Update

Went to the dr this morning, and everything is fine. I'm dilated just a bit more than the 4 cm I was this past Monday, but no other progress. Baby is doing great -- just waiting for him to quit teasing me! He offered to let me go to the hospital today and help get things going, but I opted to let him come on his own this weekend. Dr was pretty sure that he'd come on his own over the weekend as well. If not, we're headed to the hospital on Monday morning to be induced!

I'm having a few sporadic contractions, but nothing too strong. We'll see how it progresses throughout the day. Mom did make it here, about the same time I got home from getting Carter from preschool. We're both exhausted from long nights, so looks like it will be naps for everyone this afternoon! :)


So, regular contractions have stopped. I have no idea what's going on. What's funny is we're joking he's waiting until Grandma can get here. My mom got stranded in the middle of the night on her way here in Springfield, OH, with a flat tire. Someone had stolen her spare a while ago too! Luckily, she was at a rest area. Unluckily, nothing was open to help her. My dad drove out and they had to wait until something opened this morning to get a new tire.

I'm going to call the dr's office to let them know what happened and see if I need to come in for a check. I know baby's fine, because he's actually quite active this morning (and was last night during contractions). They got stronger at the end, then just kind of stopped. I went to sleep to get some rest, fully expecing to wake up and go to the hospital.

I'll keep you updated...


I've been having somewhat regular contractions since around 8:30pm tonight. They were still quite far apart until 12:18am -- then they were about 10 minutes, give or take a minute or two. Still could be anytime that anything more happens though. They are getting more intense, but I know they'll be getting much worse. :) My mom is on her way, driving through the night to be here when the little guy is born. My friend Tanya is waiting the call to come be with my kids if we have to take off to the hospital soon. I'm so excited and anxious for him to arrive!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today's Dr Appt

An exciting appt this morning! I am measuring 42 weeks (I was 37 weeks last Friday), am a full 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and the baby's head is at a -2 (which means he's pretty darn low and almost ready to come out!). I'm also having some contractions today -- nothing too strong or regular, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's here fairly soon. :) Dr said I made a lot of progress in one week, and also stressed that if I start regular contractions or my water breaks to get to the hospital FAST. She thinks it'll be a quick labor! For now, I've got an appt scheduled for next Monday -- then we'll set up the induction for next week (prob Tues) -- but dr said she wouldn't be surprised if he's here between now and then. Me neither!

I'll keep you updated as more happens!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Update...

I had a dr appt this past Monday (36 weeks) and still haven't posted about it! I was a little more than 3 cm dilated and dr was pleased with my progress. He said I basically just have to actually go into labor! Oh, but when I do... don't mess around -- just get to the hospital! I think because of the way I'm progressing now, he thinks it will be a quick labor. We'll see, as you never know. The plan is to still induce on Nov 25th, if I make it that far (and that's according to doc). This week I have been having more Braxton Hicks contractions with my stomach "balling up". I've also started losing my mucous plug, but that could be due to the dilation.

Other news from the appt... Dr doesn't think he'll be bigger than Carter, but he could be as big (9 lbs 12 oz). They don't want him to get too big, but know that I delivered Carter easily. My strep test came back negative, my blood pressure is great, and I lost 1/2 lb this week (up 27.5 lbs overall). All great news! I'll go back on Monday morning for another check.

Matt has been in California since last Saturday so it's been a little rough on me this week. Of course, this is the week that I got super uncomfortable walking, lifting, bending over... The kids and I were in Cincinnati for Amber & Eric's engagement party on Saturday, then my parents came home with me. They helped me (like crazy!) around the house Sunday-Tuesday. It was really nice having them here, and we got so much done! It all makes it very real that baby could be here anyday.

Lauren and Carter are now all moved into Lauren's room. Lauren has adjusted very well to her toddler bed -- we moved her on Nov 2nd. Carter is actually excited to sleep in the same room too! I'm still getting all the clothes and toys situated, but at least the priority stuff got done. Carter's room is set back up like a nursery and it made me a little sad that it wasn't his room anymore. But we'll have a new little guy in there, and that's exciting!

I feel like I've been doing non-stop laundry all week too. All the baby's clothes are washed and (almost) put away. I also pretty much finished buying Carter's and Lauren's winter clothes. Plus the normal laundry, towels, sheets... It never ends!

Matt will be home very early Saturday morning (closer to Friday night). It'll be nice having him home, and will let me worry less about going into labor! Luckily, I have so many great friends "on call" should something happen before he gets here. They've also been keeping me busy and company while he's away. We're headed to one's house for dinner tonight, and another's for dinner tomorrow. It's so nice having company and not having to worry about it! I think I would've gone crazy without my parents and friends this week -- thanks, everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

35 Week Picture

For your viewing pleasure (HA), here is the picture of the week. I paired it next to Lauren at 35 weeks, with another comparisons below.

(35 weeks with baby boy; 35 weeks with Lauren)

(38 weeks with Lauren... a much better comparison!)

Welcome to the World, Logan Robert!

Logan Robert Crutchfield was born just after 6am this morning. He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was 22 inches long. He has dark hair, long fingers, and long feet! Both mom and baby are doing wonderfully after an easy delivery.

Congrats to Amanda and Tim, and to big brother Ethan! We're excited to meet the new little guy, and Carter & Lauren are excited about their new cousin. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dr Appt, 35 Weeks

I had another dr appt early this afternoon. Both kids went with me, but they behaved well. Luckily, I was in and out in twenty minutes. :) The heartbeat was very strong, as always, and she mentioned how active he was. She measured my belly, but I completely forgot to ask what it was. I'm assuming it's still on track, which would put me around 39 weeks. I had to have the group B strep test as well, so she did a cervical check while I was undressed. I'm already 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated! She said that if we were to induce, my cervix would be ready. Good news to me!

Carter told her that the baby was coming on Nov 25th. She asked him what if he came early? He answered that he'd be here Nov 25th because "that's what my mom told me." ;) So, the dr is thinking he might come earlier on his own. Guess we'll wait and see! I have another appointment in a week with another check. Matt's out of town all next week so let's hope baby at least waits until after then!

(Oh, I just have to add that before leaving the room, Dr Weiler said she'd see me in a week -- unless I needed them sooner. Hopefully not... I'm not completely ready to have him yet!)

The Writer's Block

I am a guest writer on a blog my friend Mandy started. The Writer's Block is a blog by anyone, for everyone, and about anything. Whether it's on politics, entertainment, pop culture, or the economy, The Writer's Block is a forum for free expression. It just went live today, so check it out!! (Click on either blog name in this post to open.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Minor Setbacks

Being sick just plain stinks. As a mom, I can't just stop to rest... a mom's job never stops! I did get to sleep in and rest today, thanks to my husband, but it wasn't enough. I don't like to (and can't) take a bunch of medicine being pregnant, so it's been Tylenol, hot tea, and chicken soup today. Luckily, one nostril is open so I can at least breathe now. (Thanks, Lisa, for the chicken soup. I was glad to have it already made in my fridge!)

Being sick isn't just miserable, it also set me back on all I needed and wanted to accomplish today. I was planning on getting at least Carter's old clothes put away, maybe Lauren's if time (and nap schedule) allowed. Matt did get the new license plates on, the kids' doors fixed so they latch, and figured out what was wrong with the washing machine (unfortunately, after the parts store closed!). I wanted to get the toddler bed put together and Lauren sleeping in it tonight. I figured after the long, busy day yesterday she'd be tired today. Plus, with us moving the time back an hour overnight, her schedule tomorrow wouldn't be too far off if she didn't sleep well. The one thing I did get done was to give Carter his haircut.

I just know my time is running out! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, with the baby tentatively scheduled to come earlier than that. Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling much better. This clogged head has just gone on for too long!

Oh, and I wish a very Happy Anniversary to my parents. They celebrate 33 years of marriage today!