Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Update...

I had a dr appt this past Monday (36 weeks) and still haven't posted about it! I was a little more than 3 cm dilated and dr was pleased with my progress. He said I basically just have to actually go into labor! Oh, but when I do... don't mess around -- just get to the hospital! I think because of the way I'm progressing now, he thinks it will be a quick labor. We'll see, as you never know. The plan is to still induce on Nov 25th, if I make it that far (and that's according to doc). This week I have been having more Braxton Hicks contractions with my stomach "balling up". I've also started losing my mucous plug, but that could be due to the dilation.

Other news from the appt... Dr doesn't think he'll be bigger than Carter, but he could be as big (9 lbs 12 oz). They don't want him to get too big, but know that I delivered Carter easily. My strep test came back negative, my blood pressure is great, and I lost 1/2 lb this week (up 27.5 lbs overall). All great news! I'll go back on Monday morning for another check.

Matt has been in California since last Saturday so it's been a little rough on me this week. Of course, this is the week that I got super uncomfortable walking, lifting, bending over... The kids and I were in Cincinnati for Amber & Eric's engagement party on Saturday, then my parents came home with me. They helped me (like crazy!) around the house Sunday-Tuesday. It was really nice having them here, and we got so much done! It all makes it very real that baby could be here anyday.

Lauren and Carter are now all moved into Lauren's room. Lauren has adjusted very well to her toddler bed -- we moved her on Nov 2nd. Carter is actually excited to sleep in the same room too! I'm still getting all the clothes and toys situated, but at least the priority stuff got done. Carter's room is set back up like a nursery and it made me a little sad that it wasn't his room anymore. But we'll have a new little guy in there, and that's exciting!

I feel like I've been doing non-stop laundry all week too. All the baby's clothes are washed and (almost) put away. I also pretty much finished buying Carter's and Lauren's winter clothes. Plus the normal laundry, towels, sheets... It never ends!

Matt will be home very early Saturday morning (closer to Friday night). It'll be nice having him home, and will let me worry less about going into labor! Luckily, I have so many great friends "on call" should something happen before he gets here. They've also been keeping me busy and company while he's away. We're headed to one's house for dinner tonight, and another's for dinner tomorrow. It's so nice having company and not having to worry about it! I think I would've gone crazy without my parents and friends this week -- thanks, everyone!


Mandy said...

Almost here!

aunt roi said...

I'm glad your friends are there to help take care of you. I wish I was, too, but have been extremely sick the past week, and not getting much better. Sending good thougths your way, each and every day!!