Saturday, November 1, 2008

Minor Setbacks

Being sick just plain stinks. As a mom, I can't just stop to rest... a mom's job never stops! I did get to sleep in and rest today, thanks to my husband, but it wasn't enough. I don't like to (and can't) take a bunch of medicine being pregnant, so it's been Tylenol, hot tea, and chicken soup today. Luckily, one nostril is open so I can at least breathe now. (Thanks, Lisa, for the chicken soup. I was glad to have it already made in my fridge!)

Being sick isn't just miserable, it also set me back on all I needed and wanted to accomplish today. I was planning on getting at least Carter's old clothes put away, maybe Lauren's if time (and nap schedule) allowed. Matt did get the new license plates on, the kids' doors fixed so they latch, and figured out what was wrong with the washing machine (unfortunately, after the parts store closed!). I wanted to get the toddler bed put together and Lauren sleeping in it tonight. I figured after the long, busy day yesterday she'd be tired today. Plus, with us moving the time back an hour overnight, her schedule tomorrow wouldn't be too far off if she didn't sleep well. The one thing I did get done was to give Carter his haircut.

I just know my time is running out! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, with the baby tentatively scheduled to come earlier than that. Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling much better. This clogged head has just gone on for too long!

Oh, and I wish a very Happy Anniversary to my parents. They celebrate 33 years of marriage today!

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Anonymous said...

Feel better! (And I double the anniversary wishes, Norm and Robin)