Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Update

Went to the dr this morning, and everything is fine. I'm dilated just a bit more than the 4 cm I was this past Monday, but no other progress. Baby is doing great -- just waiting for him to quit teasing me! He offered to let me go to the hospital today and help get things going, but I opted to let him come on his own this weekend. Dr was pretty sure that he'd come on his own over the weekend as well. If not, we're headed to the hospital on Monday morning to be induced!

I'm having a few sporadic contractions, but nothing too strong. We'll see how it progresses throughout the day. Mom did make it here, about the same time I got home from getting Carter from preschool. We're both exhausted from long nights, so looks like it will be naps for everyone this afternoon! :)

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aunt roi said...

I'm SO excited- just waiting to hear!!!!

love you............