Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going to School...

At the bus stop

Carter sees the bus coming

Getting on the bus

Carter's First Day of School

All week we've been gearing up for this morning, Carter's first day of kindergarten. I had a parents' meeting on Monday night, then Carter got to meet his teacher and see his room yesterday afternoon. He seemed apprehensive, but he's more like that when I'm around. His teacher, Mrs. Lund, completely understood -- one of her daughters is the same way! We took his supplies in as well, and he picked a desk.

I had been debating whether to take him the first day or put him on the bus. After getting advice from a friend and former K/1st grade teacher, I decided to have him ride the bus. Carter is, after all, a very routine-oriented kid and I do think that starting him off this way will be the best for him and his teacher. He'll ride the bus home this afternoon too. I talked with him about bus safety, made him learn his bus number, and told him to be sure to get off the bus at his stop (which is down the road a bit, at a cross-street). He was actually the only one there this morning, but I suspect there will be more kids next week, if not tomorrow.

So now it's the big day... I set my alarm last night (no, I'm not a morning person!). I actually got to sleep after 2am so I was not looking forward to waking up earlier. And no, 7:30am is not early to most people, but it is to me! I had Carter's clothes pulled out and in the living room so we wouldn't disturb Lauren. Carter actually got up around 7:40 on his own, which I was thankful for. Sometimes he's a grump if you have to wake him up! I got him breakfast and went over his class schedule for the day, and also told him about raising his hand and making sure he asks to go to the bathroom. He seemed more excited today and fine about riding the bus.

We did have a few setbacks... The button on his shorts was hanging on by a thread and I couldn't find my needle. So I had to get him another pair to wear. No biggie. Then both Lauren and Hayden were awake, so I had to get them ready to walk down to the bus stop, which just took more time. We ended up rushing out the door to get down there to wait for the bus. I only got a few pictures, but will take some more when he gets off the bus this afternoon.

I hope he has a great first day of school. I have to admit that I was a little teary-eyed after he got on the bus. It just hit me yesterday that he's actually going to be gone at school all day! I think he'll do great and have a fun year of kindergarten. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


I went to Target tonight to pick up a few things we needed (and a few we didn't!). One of these things happened to be cat litter. After the cashier swiped it across the scanner and handed it to me, she said, "Must be cat litter day." I asked her if a lot of people were buying it, and she told me about a couple that bought six cartons of it. Want to know why? They have 82 cats. Seriously? Who has 82 cats?!?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Boy!

I went to get Hayden up from his nap and found him SITTING in his crib! He's been sitting on his own for a couple months, but this is the first time he sat himself up!

Then he even tried to pull himself up. Look at his feet under him! How exciting!