Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Wives Tales

So I was watching a baby show on Discovery Health this morning and was intrigued. A midwife was using different methods (basically Old Wives' Tales) to predict the gender of the unborn baby. On one mother, she did a couple and then they had their ultrasound to see if the prediction was accurate -- it was! I don't believe in all of them, but I thought just for fun I'd use a few of them to see what my prediction is. Don't use these to sway your vote in the poll... go with your gut! My gut feeling has been changing lately, but it could just be more of a hope. :) I can also tell you that many of them were wrong for both Carter and Lauren.
  • Ring test: hold a ring over your belly to see how it swings. It swung side to side, indicating a boy. When held over my hand, it swung in a circle (a girl); when held over Carter's hand, it swung side to side. Verdict: BOY
  • Gregorian calendar: uses my birthdate and date of conception. Verdict: BOY
  • Chinese Lunar calendar: uses my age at conception and month of conception. Verdict: BOY
  • First word of previous child: if the previous child's first word was mama/dada, next child will be that gender. Verdict: GIRL (However, before this was opposite -- Carter said dada first and then I had a girl. Lauren said mama first...)
  • Mayan's ancient method: age at conception and year of conception -- if both are odd/even it will be a girl. If one is odd and one is even, a boy. Verdict: GIRL
  • I took a little quiz full of old wives' tales -- it's prediction: 77% Boy, 23% Girl.

Guess we'll find out in four and a half weeks. Well, maybe... if the baby lets us. HA! I'll be posting my weekly prego blog tomorrow with a 15-week picture!

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Mandy said...

You know Laurter is a boy.