Friday, June 20, 2008

Carter's Vacation, Day Two

Wow, what a full day! He didn't want to get up this morning because of a late night last night, but they needed to be to the zoo by 9am. Carter and Grandma Cindy grabbed a donut on the way (he also ate an apple and an orange) and made it to the zoo. Carter had fun -- he rode the log ride, the train, and the merry-go-round. He wanted to ride on the "couch" on the merry-go-roung... why not an animal going up and down? Who knows... :)

After leaving the zoo, the whole group (two of Cindy's coworkers, their daughters and granddaughters) went to Clara's Pizza. Then off they went to Marilyn's house to swim! Last year Carter had so much fun, but he's become much more comfortable in the water this year. Cindy said he would go down the slide, but only if someone would catch him at first. After jumping off the side and then the diving board, he exclaimed that he liked going underwater and began sliding by himself. Lately at the pool he has been going underwater more, even keeping his eyes and nose open!

They headed home to rest a little before heading back down to Hoagland Days. They caught the demolition derby, which Carter seemed to enjoy. While riding with Matt, he often tells him to bump cars or will tell me I need to pass someone -- I think he's been playing too much Mario Kart Wii! He did tell Cindy that he was tired and wanted to go home at one point, but was fine. They played some bingo and had ice cream and sno-cones before heading home. Tomorrow, he'll sleep in as late as he needs! Sounds like he's having a great time. :)

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Sounds like fun!