Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Mommy Quiz

So I took this quiz this morning to see what kind of mom I am. Hmm...

You scored as a Military mom

You are the military mom and you certainly wear the boots around your camp! You can't stand the thought of raising spoiled brats and you are not afraid to put your foot down. You make sure that your children are well equipped to live strong independent lives when they grow up and in fact you see this as the whole reason you are a parent in the first place.

Military mom 81%
Do-it-all Mommy 75%
Party animal mom 75%
Zen momma 69%
Stay-at-Home mommy 56%

Interested in taking it? Click here.


Mandy said...

I didn't like the questions...

Mandy said...

You scored as a Do-it-all Mommy
You are the do-it-all mom, and it's not a surprise to me that you've squeezed in the time to take this quiz because that's the magic of your being a mom. How you do it, no one knows, but be assured your children appreciate that someone is on their toes to make sure things get done around here!
Do-it-all Mommy
Military mom
Party animal mom
Zen momma
stay-at-home mommy