Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been looking for shoes for Lauren for quite some time now. The problem is finding some with soft enough soles to be flexible when she walks. You'd think it'd be a little easier, seeing as how all kids her age need those! But... everytime I tried a pair of shoes or sandals on her, she wouldn't walk or even try to walk (and she's quite the walker!). So I found a pair of Keen sandals -- they have toe protection, but will be cool in the summer. Plus, they're waterproof and are machine washable! We got them today and I put them on her to try around the house. After a very short hesitation she was walking all around with no problem. She can even stand back up on her own when she does go down. I'm very pleased! :)


Anonymous said...

Great! I still can't find anything great for Sam - the big problem is his feet are wider than they are long! Also, when he crawls, the velcro on his shoes always drags.

Nikki said...

You should try Pedipeds. I got some for Lauren too, they're just not here yet. :)