Thursday, June 19, 2008

Carter's Vacation, Day One

We called for a report on how Carter's first day out of town went. He ran some errands with Grandma Cindy in the morning and spent time at Hoagland Days in the afternoon/evening. He lost his baseball hat, but did get it back. He took it off in the porta-loo and someone from the information desk happened to go in after him. So when Cindy checked with the desk, they had it there! Carter also participated in the greased pig contest. He was in the third heat of the 3-year olds and did well! We weren't sure if he'd be scared or not, but he was excited about catching a pig (I tried to talk it up all week!). Aunt Roi, Marty and Erin were there to watch too -- Marty and Carter snorted like pigs! Cindy said he seemed to miss opportunities to grab a pig, almost like he was a little scared, but eventually did grab one and put it in the middle square. It was just after another little boy did it first! I'm glad he had fun. :)

We'll check back in tomorrow to see how the second day went. It's supposed to be a busy one!


Mommalou said...

So,getting the room painted ?

Mandy said...

Second place!! Hope you wash the portaloo hat.