Monday, August 11, 2008

Nikki's Dr Appt

  • Appointment Time: 10:15am
  • Arrival Time: 10:15am (no, I don't get there too early... 2 kids+waiting room=not a lot of fun!)
  • Time called back to room: 11:00am
  • Time dr came into room: 11:25am

A little ridiculous? Yeah, we thought so too! I've never had to wait like this at my doctors' office! The kids were so rowdy by the time we got called back. They just got worse inside the smaller exam room, because of a lack of toys and freedom. It was seriously a five minute appt!

Anyway, I saw the newest doctor at the practice today, Dr. Greathouse. She was nice, fairly quiet, and a beanpole! I obviously hope one of the other two delivers this baby, since I've been seeing them for so long, but Dr. Greathouse seemed fine. The other two just know my name when they come in, know my kids, and get right to it.

She measured my belly but didn't say anything so it must be fine. Asked if baby was moving enough -- he definitely is! He even kicked the doppler a couple times while we listened to the heartbeat. In the doctor's words, he sounds perfect. :)

I go back in four weeks when they'll check my glucose, check cell counts again, and listen to the baby. They also usually give a rhogam shot to mothers who are Rh negative, but since Matt is also Rh negative I get to skip this. Thanks, honey... one less thing for me!


Mandy said...

Geez...that IS crazy. It took awhile for my annual there last month too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my appts EVERY time I see the Dr. After working 7 years in a medical office, I never do Monday mornings. They must have been having one of those days. Hoping the next one is not that bad for you. :)

Christan said...

My last appointment at IMA was just like this. Of course, it was for an annual so I sat on the table for 30+ mins in the stupid paper gown. I was livid! Seems like we pay more for health care and get less service. Gotta love the system!

Nikki said...

My appts have always been on Mondays and it's never been like this. One dr did get called out for a delivery, but the other two were there. This was the first time I had seen this one, so maybe she's just slower. This never happens with Dr Stowell! I was just more frustrated because of my antsy kids too.

Thankfully, I'm still dressed for these appts. Those don't start for a while, but I hate waiting undressed with the paper over my lap!

Mandy said...

Robin said that she saw that same Dr. and didn't like her...Too bad since it was the first Dr. she'd seen there! I told her that the others were better and that you weren't super impressed this time either.