Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lauren's 15 months!

Wow... 15 months already! Lauren is growing so quickly. She had her routine checkup today, and the doctor said she looks wonderful. She measured 32.25" (95th%) and 24 lbs 10 oz (75th%). She got three vaccines -- Hep A, Varivax (chicken pox), and MMR -- and did very well both during and after. Developmentally she is around 22 months. She is doing so much these days, most recently learning to climb! In the pic above, she got herself on top of the toy box. I've also walked in to find her on the coffee table, which we're trying to teach is a no-no. So hard to do while not discouraging her to do new things! Another new thing is singing -- she will sing "Row Your Boat", and now I'm working on "Twinkle Twinkle".

Lauren and Carter play so well together, for the most part. They both like to pick on each other -- especially Lauren tackling Carter. She's also become quite the talker. While she knows a lot of words, for the most part she's still just gibbering. She'll also nod her head at you, usually at appropriate times. Like at breakfast the other day I asked her if she wanted more cereal and she shook her head yes. :) Some words she knows and uses are mama, dada, Carter, Lauren, Orion, juice, wow, book, ball, this, here, up, bath, no, dog, cheese (taking picture). She also recognizes hungry, nap, change diaper, eat, drink, jump, phone, and many more.

We're in the process of learning body parts and so far she knows head/hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly, toes. I think she knows a few more, but these are the ones she's consistent with. We're also working on animals and their sounds. She knows dog, elephant, and owl. I'm hoping to start doing other things with her, like shapes and colors, now that I'll have a little more one-on-one time some mornings while Carter's at school. I have no high expectations, we just like introducing things and letting her pick them up. It was the same way with Carter, and he's doing wonderfully.

Lauren is a great eater, hardly picky at all. She eats very well with a fork, and can use a spoon for thicker foods like mashed potatoes. Her fingers are still her main "utensils", but that's to be expected. She also loves her milk! She's also become a skilled runner -- no, not walker anymore! Lauren also tries to jump while standing and will do a somersault.

Many, many teeth are on their way in! She's had her front eight teeth since nine months, and now four more front teeth (the cuspids) and one molar have already broke through. The other molars aren't much further behind! Luckily, this hasn't caused a lot of pain for her -- at least not noticeably -- thank goodness!

I could probably go on and on about what Lauren is up to these days, but that's a pretty good summary. She's just a happy little girl, always smiling or giggling. Especially when she wants your attention. ;) I'll try and blog more often about the kids so you can learn even more about what they're doing.


aunt roi said...

I remember how you used to say "nose", and you would wrinkle it up & drag the word out!! :)

Mandy said...

Very cute stuff!

Mommalou said...

Such a "Little Noodle "