Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Shower

Yesterday my wonderful friends Christan and Mandy threw me a fabulous baby shower. I know it's number three, but this was untraditional. Everyone brought a casserole for me to freeze for when after the baby is born! What a great idea! We played some great games, and each one gave me a list of names (starting with every letter of the alphabet) for ideas. Who knows... maybe the name was revealed at the shower and only those in attendance get to know. ;) I have pictures of our fun posted, so enjoy!

Thanks to all those who came and made this so much fun! Having a good meal after the baby is born is going to be so much easier now. :) We also got some adorable first outfits and diapers to start us off. You guys are great!!

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Mandy said...

Glad you liked it and so glad to be in on it!