Sunday, October 19, 2008

33 Weeks... Really? Only that many?

I was 33 weeks along this past Friday. Hard to believe it's coming up so fast, but also hard to believe that I'm only 33 weeks! I think this pregnancy has gone by the slowest. I've still been feeling great, other than being more tired lately. I think that's to be expected though! Still working on a name for him -- I really want him to have a name by the end of this month. At least Matt and I have been talking about it more! I do think he needs to be more serious than naming pro football players. ;) It'll get done... and maybe to continue driving everyone else nuts, I won't tell! HA!

Here are some pics to compare. I know I missed last week's, but actually got bigger this past week! Surprisingly, I gained no more weight. :)

(33 weeks with baby boy; 33 weeks with Lauren)
Just for fun, here I am at 36 weeks with Lauren... two weeks ago I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. What do you think? I think it's a better comparison...
I have a dr appt on Monday morning, so look for another post then!

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