Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr Appt, 27 Weeks

I had another prenatal checkup this morning. It was time for the oh-so-wonderful glucose screening. When I got there, they had me drink the orange glucola. Mmm... especially on an empty stomach! Then came the waiting -- they couldn't draw the blood for an hour. I saw Dr. Greathouse again, and she was much better today. Maybe because it was a little earlier in the morning and I was alone (and in a better mood!). She just seemed to be much friendlier today and talked with me more. My belly measured about 29 cm (which is 29 wks, and I'm 27 wks 3 days). Baby's heartbeat sounded perfect! She felt around my belly, and his feet are up! She giggled as she found the feet, it was so cute. I was just telling Matt that I thought he might have flipped as I've been feeling kicking where there wasn't kicking before. She said he still could move around more, as he's just enjoying all the space. I know Lauren wasn't flipped this early!

I start going every two weeks from now on. I've started making my appointments while Carter's at school, and Lauren goes to Matt's work so I can have a peaceful appointment! As for the glucose screening and other blood tests, no news is good news. I'll hear by the end of the week if more needs to be done. Otherwise things are going great -- good weight gain, great blood pressure, good fetal movement, very little swelling... :)

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