Friday, September 19, 2008

29 Weeks

So I've been slacking... actually, I was out of town again. I missed another week's update, and another picture. Promise... I got one this week. :)

I've been feeling a bit sluggish lately, but we've been pretty busy. I've also been used to sleeping in and then being lazy in the mornings, and now I've got to get up, get ready, and get the kids going to get Carter to school. I know, it's still not very early... but tough when I'd just rather take it easy. :) It is getting harder to get things done -- I can only do so much before I'm tired out or get sore. I've been getting this sharp pain on either the right or left side of my lower belly. It feels a lot like ligament pain, and it usually comes when I've been exerting myself. I'll talk to the dr about it Monday just to be sure.

Baby is very active! My belly bounces around a good part of the day. Still no name for him, and not much done for his room either. Still deciding if we'll wait until he's here to transition the kids (since he'll be in our room for 2-3 months anyway), or if we'll go ahead and bunk them together beforehand. It'll definitely be a big change for all of us!

I have a doctor appointment Monday morning -- just routine. I never got a call about my glucose test, so that's good news. Hopefully there'll be nothing surprising at my appt! I'm anxious to see if he is still head down this early. I have been achey in my pelvis, but that could just be from being active and busy. Look for another update after my appt!

(29 weeks today... 29 week belly shot with Lauren. Maybe he did flip, as I am more oval than round. I was more oval with Lauren at 31 weeks.)


Mandy said...

I think so!!! You should try putting your hands in the same position in both pictures and see how it looks!

Nikki said...

Maybe next time I'll try to wear the same thing too. :)