Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeah, great, just what I need...

So here's the 7-day forecast for Bloomington. Of course, we all know it could change daily -- but I don't think it will differ too awful much!

Today: Heavy Rain, 45/30
Thursday: Partly Cloudy, 53/39
Friday: Showers, 59/36
Saturday: Cloudy, 42/29
Sunday: Rain/Snow Showers, 42/31
Monday: Partly Cloudy, 45/32
Tuesday: Few Showers, 54/36

Where is the sunshine?!?! I'm running outdoors now preparing for a 5K, and don't need this yucky weather! I also just need some sun for some major mood improvement! Ugh!


Christan said...

Amen to that! I am craving the sun, too! Badly!

Mandy said...

I saw that too! It's supposed to suck in NYC while we're there too!

scrpldy said...

Yuck- it was even cold here today and NO sun!!! Do you have an indoor place at the gym you can run?

Nikki said...

Nope, just the treadmill. But I did manage to get a run in outside! Still no sun today, but it cleared up just as it would've been setting. :)