Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here We Go Again...

So it's 11:50pm and I'm sitting here wide awake. I know the time changed today and it feels like it's an hour earlier, but even at that time I should be somewhat sleepy! It was another day of not drinking a lot of caffeine (coffee this morning, pop for lunch), and it's been since 2pm that I had any! It seems that no matter how tired I feel during the day I always wake up around 10pm; or even if I'm dog-tired, I still feel too awake to sleep.

I did get a lot accomplished this weekend, and maybe I'm still too wired to keep going. I have this mentality that I have to keep going or else I might lose the momentum! Then how are things going to get done?

We had a good weekend in the Wolf Household though. We finally got enough snow to do something, so we all went sledding Saturday afternoon at Tri-North Middle School. There's some good hills there! It was so nice to get out in some fresh air and sunshine. :) Lauren only went down once, but had fun watching everyone. We'd take turns going down with Carter, and he went by himself too. No fear, that boy! We were all pooped afterwards!

Carter seems to be getting better. His fever was broken before he went to bed tonight, and he ate a little bit at dinner. All day he just wanted to lie on the couch, and even said that he needed a nap! I hate seeing him that way, but maybe his body needed a little break from the constant moving he's usually doing, HA! Hopefully he's back to his normal self tomorrow. Okay, he can still be a little mellow... just not feeling sick!

Well, it's been six minutes and I'm actually starting to feel tired. I'm going to go get ready for bed, maybe do a word puzzle or two, and see if I can actually drift off to sleep. G'night!


scrpldy said...

It's the time change bit, I wished we would have left it alone. It's close to 1am, and I'm still wide awake!
Glad Carter is feeling better.Maybe he is getting ready for a growth spurt..
I remember a little girl that had no fear, too.

Christan said...

The time change really stinks! I think it messes with all of our systems, especially kids. Putting them to bed in the middle of the summer when it stays light until 9:30pm can be a nightmare from what my neighbor says. I know I stay up later the lighter it is out at night!