Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rough Night... and Into the Day!

I couldn't sleep last night. Despite not having much caffeine, and none after 2pm, I just couldn't get my mind to turn off! My body was definitely tired, but I just laid in bed wide awake... Then 2am came and I hear Carter "thudding" down the hall. For a 3-year old, he walks quite loudly! Anyway, he walks in asking for Mommy -- Matt answers him, and Carter again asks for Mommy. Matt says, "I think he puked -- it stinks." Great, why doesn't he want Daddy this time? He did, of course, puke -- all over his pillow and bed. So Matt takes Carter and gets him cleaned up and I strip his bed, Lysol, remake the bed, and get his sheets into the washer. By this time, I'm really wide awake since I got back up! But back to bed I go...

I'm finally in a great sleep, when Matt's alarm starts BLARING at 6:30am! He has no idea why it's set, but he's fumbling around unable to get the damn thing turned off! Here comes the thudding down the hall... We finally get it to silence, when Carter says he wants to sleep with us. Instead, Matt takes him back to bed and falls asleep with Carter. After his alarm goes off once more (evidently, only snooze was hit!), I finally get some more shut-eye.

I'm woken up by Lauren just like any other morning. Get up, and set the clocks an hour ahead. Great... not a lot of sleep, and I've just lost an hour! So now the schedule/routine is completely off for the day. The good news is that bedtime is coming an hour earlier tonight... :)

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scrpldy said...

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood. They always want Mom when they are sick. I sure hope he is feeling better.