Friday, February 15, 2008

The First Post

As I nurse Lauren, do laundry, take a shower, or lie in bed at night, I find myself having long, elaborate thoughts that could be blogs, e-mails to someone, small articles written, or even conversations -- all of which hardly make it out of my head. So I created a blogsite where I wanted to just write these random thoughts. Then my husband decided that he would point our website ( to the new blogsite (, so now they are one in the same. I was going to post things about the family and life in general as well, making it a blog where I could just put whatever (my husband was also an author for the site). Now I think that my thoughts deem a blog of their own. There's still no guarantee that they'll make it in "writing", but at least they'll have somewhere to go if they do. I ask that no one take offense to some of the things that may be written -- some of them may be about you, but they're not directed at you. That's my disclaimer. So you've been warned if you're a reader. You can ask my mom what happens if some of these things don't come out -- I'll have a meltdown when too many of the bad ones stay inside for too long, then they will be directed at you. So enjoy, comment, and let me know you read my mind. :)


kimmyg8278 said...

Or of course, you can just ask your cousin Kimmy what happens if they don't come out. I am so desperately trying to find the time for the next chapter. Unfortunately we are all sick, dipshit stopped paying support so I've taken on a side job (again), still the den mom of Chandler's cub scout troop, and thankfully finally took an entire weekend to do absolutely nothing but clean my house (which very much needed it).

Get it out girl. We all need to!

scrpldy said...

I don't mind, I like being able to reconnect with my niece again! :)
I dont do anything, but sometimes I need to ramble.