Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wow, it's been an insanely long time since I've posted! So much has happened in the past almost four months. Well, nothing too exciting - just normal life stuff. :) I feel like I'm playing a constant game of catch-up in my everyday life, which doesn't leave too much time for "extra" or "new" things - i.e., blogging. I'm going to try to write a bit more often, and am working on creating a new schedule for the kids and me. It might take time still, so be patient. I've probably lost my readers anyway. ;) It also doesn't help that every time I sit at my computer Hayden thinks he needs to come sit with me. I don't mind it, just makes it hard to type!

Anyway, I've finally updated the calendar to the right. It still had August dates!! I'll be posting some Christmas wishlists soon since some people have been asking. Hopefully look for new blogs soon!

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