Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ear Tubes

I know I haven't posted a while -- no kid updates, life updates, general rambles... I always have them & have every intention of getting them on here, but the thoughts usually occur in the shower, while driving, or some other situation far from my computer. By the time I get home, normal life gets in the way of sitting and getting those thoughts out. Anyway... on to today's blog. :)

Hayden has been having a problem of chronic fluid in his ears. Whenever he gets "juicy" - as the ENT called it - the fluid in his sinuses heads straight to his ears. Sounds familiar to me, as I've been battling the same problem for 30 years as well. I can control mine with Flonase, and we tried Nasonex with Hayden for 6 weeks. Didn't work... in fact, the fluid was worse because he got a cold during that time as well. And an infection was developing. He's actually only had 4-5 infections diagnosed in his lifetime, which isn't bad; however, he also never gives us any sign that he might have an infection so there could've very well been more.

After a recheck with the ENT after the Nasonex trial, they deduced that he did have some hearing loss from the fluid and wanted to put in tubes. I agreed, since it was decided that I wouldn't get tubes at a young age and almost had to get them at age 25. I figured... let's take care of this now, since I have scarring in my ears from all my problems. We took him in the morning for the very quick procedure. In and out in 12 minutes - lots of fluid drained from both ears and the tubes put in. He was grumpy coming out of the anesthesia (very normal), but after getting home for some breakfast he was much happier. He's now napping so he can rest up, especially after getting up 2.5 hours earlier than normal!

I hope he continues to do well the rest of the day. Carter and Lauren are at their grandparents' house for a long weekend so I can solely focus on Hayden today. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and well wishes!

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Lisa Ross said...

So glad everything went well today! When I went to read your blog post I looked back at the school pics from Carter's first day last year. I can't believe how little Lauren and Hayden are! Time goes by so quickly!