Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everything is Going to be Okay

My day today has been much better. Days like yesterday are just the pits! I was much calmer about things today, and just sort of let things sink in. Sometimes it's still just hard to believe that baby #3 is on his way! We went to the pool with my moms' group today, and I think talking to them about the baby (and them being excited for me) made me feel better about it all. Also venting to Mandy yesterday helped a TON, as well as getting it out in a blog. I've learned not to keep things bottled in or I just feel worse.

Still making decisions about the bedroom situation, but I started thinking about how much fun it will be to redecorate two bedrooms for the kids! I've already got some images in my head as to how they will be. Now the problem will be finding things to make these images reality! :)

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Mandy said...

Glad to help! Tomorrow should be fun too - we'll keep up the string...I know what you mean about keeping things bottled up - it's definitely better to write it down! :) What are your ideas for the bedrooms?