Monday, July 7, 2008


So, strange dreams are common in pregnancy. Mine are strange sometimes, but they're always vivid and very real-life-like. My ex is usually present in many of them. I won't get into that, other than I did read that it's common and usually reassures the mother-to-be that she chose the right man to be the father of her children. I know I did! :) In last night's dream the sex of both mine and Amanda's (sis-in-law) babies were revealed. I've had dreams before and always with the same results. For some reason, though, I had to learn through Matt what my result was. Wouldn't I have been there?!?! Anyway, for the longest time I thought I was having a girl (twins at first, actually). Then it suddenly changed. The past month or so I've thought it was a boy. So I'm really not sure... But I've always had a feeling for Amanda -- and I can say that my "feeling" has been right for everyone I've known to be pregnant! My dream last night was the same as that feeling -- Amanda, I really think you're going to have a boy. I know you want a girl! In the dream, I was having a girl. Surprisingly, I was disappointed but Matt wasn't. I guess we'll see soon enough! Amanda has her ultrasound this Friday and I have mine next Monday. :)

(Oh, I should mention that while pregnant with Carter I had a dream where I actually gave birth to a girl. We all know Carter's not a girl!)

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Mandy said...

I can't wait to find out!