Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Update on Carter

Okay, I figure I'll be writing an update for Lauren tomorrow after her one-year checkup so I'd try and catch you up on Carter. Carter really keeps me busy -- with all his energy, craziness, and activites -- but I love it. He finished his second basketball league at the end of March and had so much fun. He was happy to have both sets of grandparents at his end-of-the-season banquet, where he got to walk across the stage and get a trophy. Now he's started t-ball and is having fun. I think it tests his patience a lot more -- he gets bored in the infield and just wants his turn to bat! He's got a tee and bat here at home so he practices quite a bit in the backyard. His new friend, Bode, is on his team as well. He liked having Grandpa Norm as a "coach" at his first game!

I don't think I've posted any updates about potty training. I can now say that Carter is completely trained. He did so well after the initial time -- he just had to want to do it! While we were up in Ft Wayne for Grandpa Goodspeed's funeral, my Aunt Roi watched the kids. While there, Carter suddenly decided that he wanted to poop in the potty! This was the beginning on February -- since then, he's done it about every time! While we were in Ft Wayne a few weeks ago, I forgot to pack pull-ups for overnight. Now, Carter's dry many mornings when he wakes up anyway, but I was definitely nervous with him sleeping away from home. I didn't want him to have an accident in Grandma's pull-out! But, I'm happy to report that since then he's been wearing underwear 24/7 and is accident-free. :)

We've been looking for preschools for Carter for a while now. We had it narrowed down to our top two choices, we just needed to finish making visits and decide. All this was right when Matt had his surgery, then we just got busy. We decided last year to wait until he was four to send him to preschool for only a year. We finally visited one of our top choices -- St Charles Catholic -- and loved it! Carter got right in with the kids, playing and joining circle time. The teacher was really nice and we agreed with (and practice) many of her philosophies. She's been there since the preschool opened eighteen years ago as well. We were so happy to hear that there is one morning spot available this late in the year too! We'll be sending in the application and hope that he gets that one spot left!

We're definitely looking forward to summer. The nice weather already had Carter playing outside and many trips to the park. He's waiting for the pool to open already! Matt's planned a hiking/camping trip with him and they're both looking forward to that. They're also going to the last day of Indy 500 qualifications this Sunday, thanks to tickets that Matt won.

Carter's a handful, but he keeps me going. It's so hard to believe that he will be four this year! He's so independent and definitely has a mind of his own! I'll try to post updates more often. :)


Christan said...

I bet he loves the pre-school, so I hope you get in!

Mandy said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear about the school - I forgot to ask how it went! Glad it went well; I'm sure he'll get in.