Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been meaning to post all about my new diet and exercise lifestyle. I'd love to be posting a daily sheet, talking about all the great foods I'm eating and how I'm burning my calories so hopefully I'll get started soon! Of course, that'll require some backlog, but that's okay. :) For now I wanted to share this article I read. When people think of dieting, they want results fast. I'm no different... I like immediate results, especially when those results are from my hard work! But there are a lot of crazy diets out there that while helping you to lose weight they do NOT do a body good. With my mom being a dietitian and me having taken numerous nutrition classes in college, eating right and good diets are somewhat of a passion of mine (becoming more and more of one lately). I like educating myself on what's good for me, and even moreso passing that information onto my kids (and whomever else wants to hear it!).

This article is about the crazy diet Kate Middleton went on before the royal wedding. I think all brides want to lose weight before their big day, but hers is even more public! (Disclaimer: I was actually at my smallest when I got married so I didn't need to diet - now I'm just trying to get back there!) There is absolutely NO WAY I could do, or would ever want to do, this diet! The main point of the author really struck a chord with me so I'm reposting it here: "Balance is where it’s at, people. We are omnivores. I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t think vegetarianism or veganism is natural for the human body, and I don’t think consuming 75% of your calories from fat and protein is natural, either. You can call it Atkins, South Beach, Dukan, Paleo, or whatever you like. If you’re eliminating entire food groups from your diet, you’re treading the line of food obsession and going against everything we know about nutrition."

You can read the entire article here:

Edited 5/8:
I had to add in this second article I found about this crazy diet:

My favorite part? "We’ve said it before but it bears repeating — there is not a worldwide epidemic of obesity because everyone started eating SO many vegetables and fruits, they gained weight.  Quite the opposite. Any time a diet suggests eliminating veggies and fruit and other good for you nutrients, even if in the short term, it’s junk and not based on one bit of science.  You can take all the pills, supplements and potions in the world.  None will ever replace a variety of colorful veggies and fruits, healthy fats, and other smart foods we need daily."

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